Choosing a Concrete Company

When choosing a concrete company there are a few things we feel that should be carefully considered before making a choice.

First – Do they have the experience to give you a finished product that you will be happy seeing on a daily basis.

Second – What strength of concrete is to be used for what you’re paying.

Third – What reinforcement, if any, is being proposed in your estimate.

Last – Do they have the creative vision to give you what you “REALLY” want.

Our Experience
The Colossal Concrete Company comes backed by 15 years of custom quality concrete experience, in 4 different states, at various elevations from sea level to 7,000 plus feet above sea level.

Concrete Strength
A standard slab concrete mix in Northern California is 2,500 PSI or 5 sack mix. At colossal we use a 3,000 PSI or 6 sack mix for all standard finishes and an even stronger 7 sack mix for all of our custom colored stamped concrete. Our reason for this ,is to ensure that your driveways, sidewalks and patios are going to last as long as we both want them to.

Most concrete contractors in Northern California use little to no reinforcement in there concrete flatwork and a lot of the time are misguided in the reinforcement they do you use.

At Colossal Concrete, every square foot of concrete flatwork we pour comes fully equipped with fiber mesh reinforcement, the key to a long lasting finished product. Also, we use rebar Dowling where necessary and full rebar matts throughout when; an increased weight load is present, the native soil lacks the ability to compact, and in extreme cold climates that require that little extra something to fight back the elements.

Creative Vision
At the Colossal Concrete Company, we do our best to give our customers concrete options.

Through the use of borders, we have given you the customer the ability to mix and match all colors, textures, and finishes we have to offer, on each and every job. We have done so in an effort to make the look of beautiful stamped concrete affordable for all and bring to your castle the look your heart truly desires.

Simply put, Colossal Concrete, Imagination Realized.

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