Intrical Color

Intrical color is a pigment we mix directly into the concrete, for an even uniform coloration.


This coloration is used in Broom Finish, Rock Salt, and Stamped concrete.

Color Hardeners

Color Hardeners are a dye with extra cement in them, so they can be applied directly to the surface of the concrete after it has been poured, but still wet.

We mostly use them for a more natural random color placement when stamping concrete, but they can be used for some of the more standard finishes.

Marbled Stamping

With the use of intrical or color hardeners base coloring and a little liquid magic, we can produce an elegant marbled stamped look worthy of your Business, Home and Mansion.

Antique Release Stamping

Antique Releases are used to create an aged, raw and more natural look. This is one of the most beautiful finished products we produce and the look your Business, Home and Mansion truly deserves.

Acid Stained

Acid Stain is a deep yet vibrant, flowing coloration, where the concrete is literally acid etched.

Acid Stain is a very versatile coloration that can be used on every finish and texture we offer.

It also has a unique quality on a smooth hard traveled floor, of being able to virtually paint a masterpiece completely one of a kind. Using different colors and staining techniques, we can make most any shape or design you can imagine.