Foundations, Retaining Walls, Repair, Demo


Yes, we do foundations of all shapes and sizes including additions and remodels.

At Colossal we pride ourselves on producing foundations within a 1/4 inch of being perfectly square. This can save as much as 10% of the entire cost of building!

Wether we need to Cliff hang and build your foundation on the side of a mountain, or you need a 60’x200′ Steel Structure Foundation slab, we can build it.


Retaining Walls
We do retaining walls of all shapes and sizes. No job too big or small.

Concrete Repair

We are unions certified in patching of concrete and can replace sections to save money when needed. Call for more details.


Demolition & Evacuation
We’ve got you covered for all of your demolition and excavation needs. Call for more details.